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Thursday, March 12, 2009 0 Comments

Finally, my terrible week is over! Ystd was damn terrible! Busy like hell & lesson after
work! After work, received a call from Mummy. She went to SGH to visit one of my
neighbour, thrfore i headed to the ward awhile.

Poor aunty. She is currently suffering from end stage ovarian cancer & she is only in
her mid-thirties! Now the cancerous cells spread to her lungs causing her to hav SOB
(shortness of breath). I feel so sad for her & yet she is a mother of 4 young kids! Sigh,
hope she gets well soon! Guided Mummy out of SGH as she is a road nerd after that.

Sat outside Houseman corner to wait for Reb. Christina came with us to Tiong Bahru.
Walked & waited for Stella. Had LJS for dinner. I lost my appetite for the pass few days!
I only managed to eat half of the Seafood Combo. For my lunch today, i also manage to
finish half of the Teriyaki Chicken with rice only. I dunc know why either!

Had a terrible headache afterwhich. It feels as if my head is going to explode anytime.
I was so near to banging my head against the wall to relief the pain, bt i didnt. Although
im having a terrible headache, i still headed to sch. Brought a can of orange juice to
quench my thirst during the lesson.

Proceeded home halfway through the lesson cause i was so damn tired & is in much pain.
While heading home, i felt nausea! And guess what?! I think i stepped on smth soft &
sticky - poo?! Shit, im so sway! But lucky i manage to get rid of it right after. FYI, im not
sure if i really stepped on poo! No smell on the bus & train, i swear!!

I really suffered throughout the whole journey home! And the train was damn shaky
ystd & that triggers my nausea more! I make my way home as soon as possible! The
first thing i step into the house was to go & puke everything out cause i cant take it
anymore! The LJS & orange juice came pouring out from my mouth! Yucks!

Sat under the fan & turn the speed of the fan to the maximum speed to dry my hair
in the quickest way possible. Slept immediately after i dried my hair! Wow, i was really
struggling & suffering ystd night!

Lucky this morning, all symptom dissapearred! Today was another terrible day during
work! So many GA (Gerneral Anesthesia)!~ And today, i saw plastic surgery! A lady in
her mid 60s did Endobrown lifting (拉皮)! The whole procedure was so so bloody &

They actually drill about 4 holes on the scalp and tuck in your skin under the scalp!!
And the end of process looks so yucky! The skin was actually quite nice, but the face
looks like a dead one to me! Its as straight as a sheet of paper but the whole face looks
tucked up, pale & expression-less! Image!?!?!

Anyway, im off tml! Going to SGH to collect my ultrasound report! Wish me luck &
hope everything is alright!!

People, open my web in Internet Explorer! I have changed most song in my playlist!
Enjoy listening!