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Monday, February 23, 2009 0 Comments


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Its a war~!

Another weekend! A new series of war is coming, a real war every week! I was like
dragging my feet to work everyday! Sigh! Work was alright, but i probably made
the most not-funny joke in the morning! Damn, shall not elaborate them!

Are you thinking where to head this coming weekend?! An sms from a friend of
mine. Im now sharing this with all of you! :)

STB is giving away 2009 free tickets to birdpark/sentosa/singapore flyer now!
Simply SMS "2009" to "79777" to get your free ticket now!

Ps: It ends this weekend. One number is limited to one ticket. Valid in SG only!
You will receive an SMS after which. Just flash your SMS upon admission! Its real!

Do you know whats embalming?!

Embalm: to treat a deceased human being so as to protect from decay

Embalming is the science of the care of the deceased. This procedure involves delaying
decomposition, a temporary disinfection of the body along with careful manipulation of
the physical and facial features. Combined, these treatments are to restore a visual status
to the deceased human remains that are more appealing to the public while still supporting
the realization that a death has occurred. This is completed in a dignified and respectful

Embalming replaces the normal body fluids with formaldehyde or gluteraldehyde, which
chemically binds the proteins in human remains to protect them and destroy bacteria and
viruses that naturally occur in human tissue. When a person dies, the natural antibodies in
our tissue die as well and bacteria will quickly multiply and breakdown the tissues as it hosts
these foreigners.

Embalming may have originated in Egypt and has been in practice dating back to the kings and
pharaohs of their ancient civilizations. They have been found preserved in their burial chambers,
not necessarily with chemicals, but with wine, spices, oils, resins, salts, and perfumes. The
removal of their organs that contained the bacteria, along with an arid environment, helped to
support their preservation and thus promote the embalming techniques of that time.

The discovery of formaldehyde in 1859 supported further activity in embalming. In modern
times, embalming techniques were altered to use the arterial system in our bodies to transmit
fluid throughout our vessels, not just our organs.

While some religious groups in America do not use embalming, it is widely used throughout the
United States with arterial embalming being the most common. Other embalming techniques
are usually required when an autopsy is performed on the decedent.

The embalming procedure today consists of removing blood from the body by inserting a tube
into the heart or large vein near the heart and emptying quantities of blood from the body.
While the blood is being withdrawn from the vein the embalming solution (formaldehyde /
gluteraldehyde) is being entered into the arteries. The skin accepts the injected fluids and begins
to hydrate and appear more acceptable for viewing. The face may begin to fill out and also
become more agreeable for viewing but it may need direct injections in certain areas that are
still unacceptable. The mouth will require adhesion of sorts to keep features in place, eye-caps
are placed under the eyelids, with petroleum jelly or humectants being applied to the eye area,
and cosmetic coloration may be used to further the best appearance possible. Near the final
stages of preparation, embalming fluids may be directed into the chest and abdominal cavity
with the preparatory help of an invasive device called a Trocar, used to infiltrate these areas
and make them accessible to these fluids. All embalmed organs will be put back into the
stomach with plastic shield & will be sewed up.

Upon completion of the embalming, the funeral director will determine the body to be ready
for clothing and application of cosmetics if needed. The family may supply the appropriate dress,
suit, sweater, etc. that fits the personality of the deceased. This preparation for the final
appearance of the deceased is one of the most important aspects of the entire funeral experience
and attention to detail is paramount.

I wanted to attach a video regarding this, bt didnt manage to find a good one! Well,
every religion except the muslim will hav to undergo this proceed when you die! I
didnt know it till today! I cant image this will be done to my body when i decrease.

Pet Society!!

Im so in love with my halloween room right now! New improved room! It looks
damn errie & spooky now! Changed the wallpaper & flooring! Its a perfect match!

Simply truly falling in love with it!

Nice?! I think it is personally! Cause halloween items are cool, pretty & cute!

New items out, but im utterly broke now~! Anyone wants to save me?! Donations?