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Sunday, February 22, 2009 0 Comments


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A lonely weekend~

Im bored, real boring! Its driving me crazy~! It raining out there & im alone at
home. Bf is having his major exam this week so i hav to stay at home & let him
concentrate in him studies. What a lonely weekend~

Hav been doing nth since ystd! Any suggestion on how i can kill those bordom?!
Hav been in pet society but did nth! LOL! Penniless & boring!

Wendy loves strawberry! Simply yummy!

I received a msg from my friend. It says.. ..

Kindly spread the news to your friends. If possible, do not go Bugis these
few days. Terrorists may plan to bomb around that area. This msg was
forwarded from my friend's army friend who said that they are alrd on 24hrs
standby. Not sure how true but a friend was at Bugis today & there were
really many policemen. Pls help forward this msg to as many people as you

My sis also told me the same thing ystd! But how true is this news?! I went to
do some research & found this news from Channel News Asia.

Police have arrested a 19—year—old in connection with an SMS hoax suggesting
a terrorist attack in the Bugis area in downtown Singapore.

Police said that since Friday night, a text message was being circulated around
Singapore about a possible terrorist attack in the busy Bugis area.

Several callers to Channel NewsAsia also said they had received the SMS.

Although there was no credible evidence of such an attack, Police said they still
took the necessary precautions to enhance security in the area.

Police assure the public there is no cause for alarm as investigations showed the
SMS was unsubstantiated.

But it is also giving a stern warning to those who perpetuate such hoaxes, adding
that they will not hesitate to take action against them.

Be safe then sorry!? / Just ignore?!