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Saturday, February 14, 2009 0 Comments

PS: Dear, ILY, no matter what happens, you will alway be my Valentine!

I think this is the damn sdupit day to celebrate! Ya, its a day for all people
to announce their love to their valentine! But what happens to the people who
are single?! They will feel more sad & lonely cause they are single & has no

Well, everyday can be a valentine! For all you know, just treat the one you
love with love everyday & everyday will be Valentine's Day! Issnt it?!


I think im having this bad karma recently! Bf & i always hav a quarrel one
day before a special day! For eg, our 3rd year anniversary - 01.12.08 &
the day before Valentine's Day - 13.02.09! Issnt it a bad karma?! Dunc
know what is wrong & god love to choose the day before a special date
to make us quarrel! Bullshit!

Anyway, im fine w Bf alrd! Went to JP with Bf today! Cause we wanted
to catch a movie & i prefer JP's Golden Village much more then any other
cinema, so we were stucked in JP for the whole day! Movie was at 3.45PM
& we walked endlessly in the mall before we are seated in the theatre!

Movie: Love Matters
Rating: 4.5/5
Comments: Hilarious & materialistic! A good catch!

After the movie, we were surprised that the actors stood before us &
was talking in the cinema! A big surprised as they suddenly walked up
via the stairs! & there were a shooting session with them! Bf & i managed
to take pictures with them! Cool uh! My first time!


After that, wanted to go Kushinbo for buffet but the que was so long &
stagnant for more den 30mins so we decided to dined into some other
places! As its quite packed everywhere, we managed to get a seat in
Crystal Jade. I was full to explode at the end of the dinner! Gosh!!

Walked around again. Brought "Jelly Lens" for my camera! Its a lens
to stick on the camera or phone to make your pictures special. Special
in a sense that it comes with effect! There is a few types of effect but i
only brought the one to make my picture to have star-like effect!

Headed home after which! Im damn tired! How was your Valentine?!

Thanks Lisa!

Thanks everyone who wished me HVD via SMS or TAG! Same goes to
everyone single one of you! Hope you hav a nice day!

Made a new blogskin out of boredom as i didnt skin for a long time!

Click & comment! Thanks!

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