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Monday, February 09, 2009 0 Comments

I know your bday is tml, but im wishing you in advance!
May your wishes comes true! Ure a great cyber friend!

Im unlucky yet lucky! Gah, i guess you dunc understand my sentence, do you?!
Well, im unlucky to lost all the rare toys & Halloween stuff in Pet Society, but a
great friend of mine trade me almost everything i hav lost at a super duper low

Yay, my stuff are back in my shelf again! Its great!! And she even gave me one
golden poo poo which i hav not seen in real life! A million thanks to Gek!! I love
you, very much!

I was shock too cause Bf send me a msg in Pet Society! He knows im sad over
the things i hav lost last night! Love you too, darling!


I want to take back this sentence i said a few weeks/months back! "I want to
fall sick too!" If you hav been a daily reader of mine, you would know!

Not long ago, i found a lump in my left breast, & so i thought the mense might
cause the lump therefore, i hav decided to monitor it till my mense are over.
But sadly, its still there after my mense!

Im not sure what is it, but its might be a serious case & if worst comes to worst,
i may need to undergo operation & treatment! Im seriously scared & worried
right now! Im so scared of what the verdict might be!

After having been work in an operating theatre, im really scared of operations!
I know when my patient ranted that they are afraid & nervous, i would always
reply & tell them that its going to be alright & everything will be find! It will not
be painful!

But deep down in my heart, i know if im the one on the operating table, i will
not ever believe such words! Those are just a sentence of comforting from the
nurses! Its not going to be painless! Oh pls, i dunc wan to undergo any operation!

Im really worried of my health! Im going to see a doc tml about my breast tingy &
also to go to KKH for my cardiac review! Pls pray for me & i really hope that its not
something serious!!!

Worried & depressed!!

"Crossing my fingers & praying hard"