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Wednesday, January 28, 2009 0 Comments

Why do all the good time past like a flash of lightning, my holidays are over! Damn!
I hav not even really rested cause all my days are so packed but its damn fun!

NOTE: Beware, the following entry is a super long one!
This entry took me 3hours to finish!

24th Jan 08, Sat

Started my journey at 11.30PM on Fri! My family drove to Granny's place for our
new year in Malaysian! So that makes me half Malaysian, half Singaporean but im
holding a pink IC.

Daddy was the driver & it took us a solid 13hours to get to our destination as granny's
house is in Kedah. Its damn far from Singapore & its at the end of Malaysia. I was
feeling achy all over from the ride! Reached Granny's place at about 12.30PM!

Slacked around & played with my 7 months old nephew! OMG, he is super damn cute
loe! I simply love his laughter & those chubby cheek of his! This was the first meetup
with my nephew! He will be calling me "姑姑" & that sounds real old! OMFG!!!

Slept at around 12PM cause i was watching this ghost story from Astro! (Astro is
something like the Starhub cable TV) I was staying over at my Uncle's place as my
granny's place was full.

25th Jan 08, Sun

Woke up at 8AM & i was damn tired! Que-ed & waited for everyone to shower &
proceeded to Granny's place! We had our reunion dinner that night! Had a steamboat
session that particular night!

After which, we went for a midnight show in the nearest cinema! Booked 15 tickets
& went to collected it & went back home for a shower. The movie started at
12.15 PM so we made our way there at 11.45PM! But we were stucked outside the
theatre for about 15-20 mins before we could enter & by the time we got ourselves
seated comfortably in the theatre, it was alrd 12.30PM! The whole show lasted about
1hr 30 min! Reached home at about 2.30PM, showered & went to bed!

Movie: All's Well Ends Well
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: Not that bad, alittle hilarious but not really nice.

26th Jan, Mon

Woke up at about 8AM again! Like ystd, showered & went over to Granny's place for
breakfast! Wanted to go to the inner part of Thailand but our time is quite limited,
therefore went to the border of Thailand.

Firstly, uncle drive us for lunch. We had authentic Thai dishes & i simply loves Thai
cuisine! We went to the same place last year! Cheap yet delicious! Marvelous!

After which, we went for a little walk! After which, we went for a Thai foot spa! This
is my first time doing foot massage but it was really good! I need those massage for
my tired leg caused during work!

The massage lasted for an hour & we went to a KTV lounge. Drank & sang for a few
hours & headed back to Malaysia! I really had a great time!

TADAH, here comes the food! YUMMY!

Steps to eat this yucky shell fish! But amazingly, its nice!!

The thai style washroom! There are nude pictures inside - the guy's fav!

Time for a good massage! LOL @ my fugly fat leg!

Hav you seen an elephant in the middle of the street?! I seen!