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Monday, January 19, 2009 0 Comments

Alright, i changed my blogskin again cause i think the previous one looks kinda
funny to me & im damn not satisfied with it, so i created another one. Im damn
satisfied with the current one!

This week, i got off for 3 days. Sad yet happy! Happy cause i need not work & sad
cause i hav got no money for this 3 days & i hav exams to take. Hais, i can say
im so not prepared for it!

I hope exams will be over asap! I dunc wan to do Maths anymore! I fuxking hate
Maths! Kill me man! Why did people introduce Math into the world in the first
place?! Maths makes me mad - i think its absolutely so true!

Wendy wants to learn Malay!

Alright, i want to learn Malay! Im getting a handbook to learn Malay soon! I guess
this kinda book does exist in the bookstore, right? Anyone hav got good ones to

My Malay is kinda suxk right now cause i can only speak broken Malay! I need
to learn Malay & it will be useful during work!

Thanks Stevan!

Alright, im tired right now, sleeping time!!

Pet-Society trade!

Ok, im quite bored with Pet-Society & is just hoping for those items to arrive!
I want those rare items uh! Any angel or saint out there willing to giv or trade me
these items?!

- Toaster
- Coffee Maker
- Mummy doll
- Black Cat
- Monster Doll
- Piggy
- Turkey Doll
- Snowman
- Black Electric Fan

& all extinct items?! Pretty pls?! LOL!

Wendy feels so damn helpless!

Alright, tml is the big day, my exam, & im so not prepared alright! I want to study,
but the moment i open the book, i felt so helpless & so not motivated to study! I
forget most of the solution the lecturer taught, awww! FYI, im having this STM
most of the time!

I feel like crying & banging the wall & hoping that tml dunc arrive! Im weak in
especially Math by nature & this is killing me man! OMG! Is there any saint that is
willing to gimmi all the solution?! LOL!

Alright, Thanks to Stella. Meeting her to do self study & i can use the time to bomb
her with all those questions i dunc knw! Hopefully she will be a great help to me!