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Thursday, January 15, 2009 0 Comments

Yet another boring day in the cold palace! Today's traffic was damn slow & i was
so restless & free. Cut some stickers for the whole day! Im getting tired!

While i was on my way to work jus now, smth very annoying hit me, or rather, the
passengers in the train. There was this secondary sch boy sitting at the corner &
he was blasting TECHNO music via his mobile phone. Oh god, technos are outdated
alrd, i think no one will listen to techno these days!

His music was so loud that everybody was looking towards his direction cause all
are either sleeping or reading the papers. & the best part is the music goes "Fuck
it, fuck it, fuxk it, touch my dick!" God, its like so censored can & he kept playing
the song over & over again!

He can use a ear piece instead of blasting out loud with this kinda outdated song &
his act is totally inconsiderate! Damn it, hope i will not be in the same train with him
again! If he like the music or rather, the lyrics so much, perform a live one or put on
the ear piece for goodness sake! LOL!

Oh, i kept talking about exams, but i hav not started it yet! God, how can i make
myself motivated to study?! Any tips to do so? This week seems damn slow to
me & its finally Fri tml! This means that exams are coming! Oh dear! I must
start practicing my Math alrd! I should get my arsh moving now!

The necklace i brought 1 mth back & its only ready for collection on Tue!

The chocolate moose Bf brought for me!

Pls help - Pet Society~!

I changed the appearance of my pet & i hav also put up my cybername in my hse!
i tink its so cool!!

Ok, hav been on pet society daily, & alot PMed me to ask me why i didnt bath my
pet? The reason is, i lost my soap!! I cant find it in my chest! I guess i didnt put it
back after i bath my pet few days ago.

How to bath without the soap or sponge tingy?! Anyone gt any solution on how to find
my soap or sponge back? Pls tell me, thanks!