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Friday, January 16, 2009 0 Comments

Alright, changed my blogskin once again! I dunc knw if this is fugly or nicer?
Gimmi some comment pls!

Im seriously tired, & its finally Fri! Unfortunately, my weekends are all fully
booked this week! I hav to wake up super early tml again cause im going to
the BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Saving) course which i paid SGD90 for it!

Im afraid i might drop dead during tml's training cause its a very strenuous
& tough course! Hopefully everything will be fine & i can pass the test! I need
the fuxking cert man!

I miss my Bf damn lots cause we hav not been meeting up for like 3 days!
But, we will not be meeting up maybe till nxt week cause im totally packed
this weekend! Oh dear! 24hours is like so short for me! Grant me more time
so that i can do more things!

Today's peaceful & i love today cause i hav Hua Mei to keep me company
during work! How i hope everyday can be like today! Uh!

A damn stupid act of mine!

There was this doc which came for an opt today & he told me he was allergy
to this medicine called "Tetracyclin". I settled him down & was ready to do
an eye toilet for him so i cleaned as per normal & put in the drops called
"Tropicamide" & "Tetracaine".

After finishing the procedure, i left him outside the theatre & walked towards
the nurse's counter. Suddenly, this thinking came, " OMG, what did i put
inside his eye?! He is allergy to that medicine, SHIT!" Then i immediately
approached the srcub nurse & told her about it. She panicked & immediately
rinse the patient's eyes with normal saline.

About 5 mins later, she came out & told me "Wendy, you shocked me out of
my life, my heart nearly dropped out! The medicine he is allergy to is Tetracylin,
not Tectracaine!"

Because i kept thinking about "Tetra" & neglected the "cylin" so i mistaken
it! God, i think im making a joke out of myself! Luckily, i didnt put in the wrong
medicine! Phew! Lucky, lucky!!!

Alright, i need to do some reading for tml's course & im damn tired! Need
to catch up with my studying as well! God, i hav got endless things that needs
to be done!

Bye readers, enjoy your weekends!