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Monday, January 05, 2009 0 Comments

Sorry for not updating ystd cause i was kinda tired! Oh great, one of my new year
resolution cant be fulfilled! Aww, i broke my new year resolution in barely a week!
Thats so fast alright! Shit!!!

This few days, i was kinda addicted to Pet Society cause i was so damn bored! My
only interest is just to buy mystery box but my pet is so poor! Visiting is so so so
boring to me!

Went swimming w Bf ystd! Wanted to visit the pool since months ago, bt ended up
gaving up the idea cause either its raining or im having mense at that point of time.
The pool was extremely cold ystd & im shivering away throughout my stay!

My appetite is humongous nowadays! I will get hungry in less then an hour after i hav
my meal. What happening to this greedy tummy of mine?! There might be a snake
inside!! Had porridge for my breakfast at 12PM ystd. Bf went for lunch at 3PM & i
ordered a plate of chicken rice & after the swim at about 6PM, i ate a bowl of noodles
again! God, thats fuxking lots can?!?!

My weekends are over again! Time is as fast as a speed of the lightning! Today's
schedule is so damn packed a work. Monday's blue is acting on me & im feeling damn
tired during work.

My exams are around the corner, but the notes makes me lose my mood to study
cause the notes doesnt look like notes to me! I simply feel like dumping the notes into
the bin when i open the book cause its so messy & disorgnanised that its not even a
suitable material for studying!

I logined to my Nuffnang account just now & i was so shocked! Cause i can cash out
my earnings again! Wow, i just cashed out less den a month & now, its can be cashed
out again! Im happy & satisfied w it! Thanks everyone who clicked those ads for me!

Click to enlarge!

Alright, im so eager to catch Little Nyona's last episode later!

Thanks Zoey for the gift!