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Saturday, December 27, 2008 0 Comments

OMG, i feel so proud of myself! I hav finally coded out what i wanted all long! I used
to try making it, but always fail, but this time, its a success!

I bet you dunc understand what im talking about right?! Alright, let me further on
elaborate them! When you login into your blogger account, did you notice that there
is a reading list after the end of your blog listing?

What is reading list?

Basically, its a widget list from blogger. It is a list that shows others if there is a
reader or supporter in your blog. You can simply add them by clicking on the "Add"
button & type in the URL of any blogger which one loves or admires. As for my blog,
you could jus click on "Add to follower list" under "follow this blog" to add my blog
into ur reading list if you want, simple as that! Its super duper cool right?!

Confused?! Click to enlarge for a better view!

After looking through the codes from the standard blogger template, i hav derive it
by trying & error ample of time & its in my blog codes now! Im so happy cause i hav
been trying & trying for the pass few mths & it turned out to be a failure!

How do you know if your blog hav a follower?

It will be shown on the top right hand side of your blog title once anyone adds you into
their reading list, which means that they hav been supporting & reading your blog!

Confused again?! Click to enlarge for a better view!

Let me show you how it looks after i derive it into my blog codes!

Pls note that you must be login-ed into your blogger account before adding!

Alright, i hav not seen anyone with the codes in a customized template before. So
pls DO NOT rip it from my source cause i spent alot of time doing & deriving the
code from the standard blogger template! Its my hardwork alright?! Thanks!

PARTTWO - Thanks Nuffnang!

Rmb i told you that my nuffnang cheque came to me unsigned so i mail them back
to get it signed?! Yay, its mailed back to me alrd! Its like finally after so long!

Management of Nuffnang, thanks for the cheque & i hope more money will come
rolling into my pocket! More ads, more ads, pls!! Im quite broke you see! Super