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Monday, December 22, 2008 0 Comments

Hooray, i finally changed my blogskin cause im abit tired of the previous one! I simply
love the current one! Some people tell me tat my previous one is nicer & the newly
created skin is kinda plain, so i decided to merge both ideas tgt, & there, i guess its way
better then my previous one!

What do you think? Comments needed!

This current skin is inspired by the wordpress theme, therefore its a bit classic cum
kawaii cause of the cute images on top! I love the headers! Special thanks to esp Cherie
for givin me some ideas & everyone whom i asked comments from! Great thank although
im abit irritating! LOL!

PARTTWO - A gd weekend ahead!

Yeah, this will be a short week for me cause im off on wed till next week! Im so happy
alright! Xmas is arriving in less then 5 days, & that will mean that year 2009 is arriving!
Im seriously looking forward to my weekend! Hooray~!

PARTTHREE - The right way to handle babies!

Came across this in my email, i think this is kinda funny & cute! Enjoy!