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Friday, December 12, 2008 1 Comments

What is sub-domain?

Also called a child domain, a domain that is part of a larger domain name in DNS hierarchy. DNS hierarchy consists of the root-level domain at the top, underneath which are the top-level domains, followed by second-level domains and finally subdomains. For example, in the domain name sugarsweet-s.com, "wendy" is a subdomain of the larger second-level domain "wendy.sugarsweet-s.com."

How does it goes about?

Basically, its just a new self-customized name given to your website. You will still be using back your old blog/site blog that you are currently using, but with this new url name, you will be redirected to your own old blog/page in just 1 min.

What are the advantages?

▪ Giv your site a new & cool self-customized url address
Example. YOUR-PREFERRED-NAME.sugarsweet-s.com
▪ You need not alter anything to your codes/site
▪ The source could be temporary masked
▪ Its cheap & affordable
▪ You can change your sub-domain name for as many time as you want during your subscription
▪ You will just need to inform me your new blog url if you change ur blog link

How to get it?

This sub-domain just cost $1/yr. Simply email to little.miss.wendy@hotmail.com with the subject "sub-domain @ $1/yr" & provide the details below. Once payment is made & comfirmed, you could get your name within 2 days! An email will be sent out for renewal of site name & payment annually.

Send your payment to:
POSB Savings Account number: 245-15823-8

* format to be strictly followed!

Personal details
Name: Wendy Goh XXX XXX
Email address: little.miss.wendy@hotmail.com

Site details
Preferred name 1: YOUR-NAME.sugarsweet-s.com
Preferred name 2: YOUR-NAME.sugarsweet-s.com
Your existing blog URL: www.xxx.blogspot.com

Note: Name 2 is an alternative if name 1 is being used.

Payment details
Bank type: POSB saving
Initial name: wendy (only applicable if you use internet-banking)
Reference number: 1234

*terms & conditions applies


Simply email me with the subject "trial" with the aboved format & get a trial till 31st-Dec-2008!


▪ All subscriber will have to have all credits intacted
▪ All payment hav to be made before i giv you your sweetsugar-s's URL
▪ Please make it a point to renew your subscription automatically 1 month before the expiry date
▪ If you are changing your URL, pls tell me & provide me with the new URL & where to direct your domain to
▪ All dead links & blogs will be deleted
▪ I have the right to terminate your link if i you did not obey my rules
▪ Pls obey my rules, vice versa
▪ All rights reserved by me

All subscriber will have to put this link icon in their page where it is visible!

Have a question?

Simply email to little.miss.wendy@hotmail.com for any questions you have!