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Sunday, December 07, 2008 0 Comments

Yay, i hav changed my skin to my xmas skin cause xmas is coming soon! Haha, i know its
kinda plain & simple. Not much of the xmas feel, but i its alright to me cause its just for
xmas. Will be changing back my skin on the 26th Dec. Comments on my xmas skin alright?

Time flies, xmas is coming & that would means that the year 2008 is ending soon! Its like
just a blink of an eye & tadah, year end! Aww! Although im not a christian & dunc really
celebrate xmas with my family but im looking forward to xmas! Hahas!

My parents went to visit my grandparents in Malaysia.

PARTTWO - The pink empire!

As promised, i hav submitted my previous blogskin!

Click for preview & comment!

PARTTHREE - Ergonomic at work