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Friday, November 28, 2008 0 Comments


I like this design best! Well, Bf say its kiddish, but i dunc care. I simple love it! What
do you think?! I know the width is super long, bt i like it this way! Anyway, i will
publish my previous skin in blogskins next time, look out for it if you want!


Pls giv me more comments about my new skin! Thanks!

PARTTWO - Random

Today is Fri, this means that im left with 3 days including today to rest, & i'll be out
to work next week! Oh damn, im pretty nervous! Hav got lesson ltr, bt its damn
boring cause the subject is very dry. I love statistic although i hate Maths to the core!

I hav submitted the angel skin to blogskins cause everyone is asking me to send them
the skin. Im lazy, so i shall release it today! I dunc think i will do anymore skins for
readers anymore, what do you think? Should i continue or shld i not? Im just super
lazy to send them one by one!

Anyway, a million thanks to Amelia for sharing & sending those eng song to me ystd

SUPER BIG THANKS TO Amelia, Chocoxbaby!

Anyway, i cleared my previous playlist & added in 6 new songs. I dunc knw if these
are the latest release, but its nice, thrfore i added into the playlist. Enjoy the music!


As i hav mentioned in my previous post, i saw a new VAIO laptop that i love very much,
shall blog about it now!

My current Pink VAIO

The new pink VAIO

Mine was pink too, except that the keypad area is gray in colour, but the new one is
pink in colour, its so cool, much nicer thou! There is a silver line going around the edge
of the lappy, & that makes it look so classic!

And on top of the keypad, there is this touch pad for music/movie functions. Unlike mine
is the button type. The shades of pink used in the new one is darker then mine, which is
nicer! & there is this blue & white light under the part when you open up your lappy, bt
the new one comes with colourful colour instead of just blue & white.

The functions are about the same, only that the new ones is a little faster then mine. & i
love the software provided!

But i dislike the thickness of the new one. Its quite thick thus making it not that
convenient when bringing it out. But overall, its damn pretty! I want!!

Wanna know more? CLICK HERE!

Anyone wants to buy it for me?! Pretty/handsome pls?!