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Sunday, November 23, 2008 0 Comments


The reason i change my skin again is cause too many people are asking me
for the skin i made for readers which is so similar to my previous one. The
unique-ness is no longer there, so i decided to changed it again. Which is
nicer?! This or the previous one?

Wondered why my navi are in Jap? I did it on purpose, & i knw almost all of
you dunc understand Jap, but try clicking it & you will know what issit. Feel
free to translate those word to Eng & tag me with the answers. I really dunc
understand & know what those jap words sounds & means! Pls dunc laugh at
me, those are just for fun!

Damn, this few days, i kept changing skin & wasting my time on designing &
redo-ing. I designed two layout ystd. A skin for xmas & this new one ystd!
Stay tuned on 1st Dec cause i will be publishing my new xmas skin. This is
my first time doing a xmas skin for my blog for xmas! Im damn excited!
Stay tuned alright?!

PARTTWO - Recommendation?!

Im looking for firming cream cause i wanted to make my muscles firm. Its
kinda flabby cause i hav not been exercising for nearly 3years now. Im not
a sporty girl, & i hate exercising, therefore, the only exercise i do is just purely

Im a shorts-lover, & i wear super-short shorts most of the time, therefore its
important to hav a firm thigh. I realized some people wear shorts, but their
muscle tone is like damn flabby, & its damn disgusting! I dunc wan to end up
like them having flabby muscles everywhere.

Therefore, any recommendations to recommend?!

PARTTHREE - New skin for Xiaorene!

My new skin for Xiaorene is done. Take a peep?! Click to enlarge!

P.S: Im NOT doing skin request!