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Wednesday, November 19, 2008 0 Comments

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PARTTWO - Wendy wants to learn driving!

I hav been thinking if i should take up driving lesson since this year Feb, but i
couldnt boost up my courage cause im afraid i cant manage. My friend did tell
me she would accompany me to register for the basic theory first which cost
only SDG$6 if i make up my mind. I wanted, but im seriously afraid!

Discussed with Bf, Bf commented "You are so short, your legs can reach the
paddle anot?!"

I replied," My cousin is even shorter then me, yet she has been driving for
like 2years! So can do it, so do i!"

Although thinking back, if i got my driving license, but i do not hav a car, what
is the use of having this license? The whole learning process needs rougly about
SGD2K! If i didnt manage to pass, i would need to invest more money into it!
Although SGD$2K issnt a big amount, but it issnt a small one too.

Nowadays, the percentage of woman that drives are about the same as the
man! I seriously want to learn luh! Made up my mind ystd, after i get a job,
i will go & register for my basic theory first!

PARTTHREE - Wendy needs a job!

I need some air! Mum hav been pestering me everyday regarding my job. I
hav been sick & tired of that fuxking sentence! Pls do not pressurise me! I
know my limits! Lost yet annoyed!

Stella will accompany me to another agency tml. For the sake of it, i would
hav to pay SDG$200 upon registering. Think for awhile & decided to giv it
a try. I know there is a financial crisis going on, & the economy is damn bad
now! Companies are retrenching & many people are looking for a job. Damn,
the world is coming to an end?!


I hav blogged about this for before, but i want to repeat all these again! I hav
noticed many hav been ripping some of my content! Despite the warning given,
people still continue & pretend that nth happens!

For godness sake, hav some originality can?! Start using your brains & think of
other ways instead of copying people's idea! God gives you brain to think, not to
let it rust!

The is the last warning! People who do not take it down hav to face the music!


Hav been slacking at home for the pass few days. Boring! Bf transferred War
Craft into my laptop & i played ystd. A stupid & boring game. I was having a
phone convo with Bf & he taught me how to play but i still felt so lost!

Gave up half way as i dunc even knw what im doing & playing! I hav got
lesson later. Boring! This wk is more of a relaxing week cause we only hav
lesson today. I dunc knw what happened to the timetable, its damn messy &
lessons aint fixed.

Alright, i need to prepare myself. Going to meet Stella for dinner & off to class!