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Friday, November 07, 2008 0 Comments

Im so so glad that its finally Fri & weekends tml! Im damn tired for the past few days
cause of work & sch. Its killing me! I seriously need ample of rest!

On the first day of work, i woke up super early, at 5.45AM. I couldnt get used to
the early wake-ups cause i hav been waking up late for a month. Its super tiring
& sleepy yet you need to wake up & prepare for work. Prepared & set off at 6.30AM.
I nearly got lost in NUH & called Reb for help, thanks girl! Arrive more then an hour
earlier then the working time.

Was assigned & attached to a nurse. There are alot of procedures to be done & mainly
we are doing skills that are associated with the urinary system. Bladder scan, Uroflow
& removal of catheter are the main procedures im doing. My legs are aching as i hav to
stand for 8hours. Bored, tired but enjoying!

Rushed to school immediately after work to meet Stella for dinner. I was late cause i
waited so long for the bus. Had a quick lunch & proceeded to class. I have to pay more
attention in lesson cause one of the subject im doing is Maths. Oh damn, i fuxking hate
Maths alright! No chit-chatting & day-dreaming in lesson anymore, need to pay more
attention in this subject. Lesson ended at 10PM, took a train to lakeside & cabbed home.
Slept at 11.30PM.

On the second day, i was alrd half dead with headache as i was super tired. Late night
sleep but early wake-ups. Most of the time, i was being left alone in the room to work.
Still not that bad as i still can manage it well. Patients aint that much compared to eye
center. Im getting along quite well with the staff for the time being. Free lunch will be
provided every Thur afternoon cause they are having meeting. Its super cool uh, can
save some money!

Rushed to school again to met Stella for lunch, i was late again!! I was almost dead by
then. Super tired but i still drag myself to class & trying to stay awake throughout the
lesson. But naughty Wendy decided to skip class after break cause its kinda boring &
im tired!! Reached home at 10PM & slept at 11PM.

I seriously is deprived of sleep. I think im doomed next week cause im packed with
school & work every night except Mon night. How am i going to survive throughout
the week? Thinking of that, i feel like dying immediately! Can i jump down from a

Today, i did smth silly. I forgot that the bus stop im going to does not hav the bus that
brings me to Jurong Point. Walked all the way there & i only realised when i reached
the bus-stop. Silly right?! Therefore, hav to take an alternative bus & i changed bus
for solid three times! Damn pathetic can?! I was so angry with myself & i dunc know
what im thinking while i was walking.

Anyway, on my journey home, i was listening to the radio in my handphone. I was
quite bored with those songs & accidentally tuned into an Indian channel. For real,
i listen to the indian songs that they were broadcasting. I think their songs are super
cool alright! Its like a new generation tamil song that sounds so alike with those eng
songs that i always listened to & its sounds quite nice can! The only thing is that i
dunc understand the lyrics of the song.

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Hav anyone wondered why Anti-AgnesChan's blog was deleted?! Ok, we deleted it
cause we aint saying those nasty things no more! We hav decided to opened a shared
blog & are doing smth interesting. We are designing-in-progress so stay tuned & look
out for the new shared blog URL of that blog we are hosting!

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