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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 0 Comments

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Hooray, i finally spring-cleaned my inbox's mail as well as my blogskins's acc. Cleared
my inbox & delete some friends in blogskins. Its damn tiring & it spent me alot of time
too. The last mail that was deleted was received on 16th-April-07, god, its more then a
year! Let me calculate the amount of clicks i clicked to clear those junks.

13542 Unread mails
/ 50 Mails per delete = 270.84

270.84 x 2 clicks (Tick the box & click on delete) = 541.68 ≈ 542 clicks in 20mins

542 clicks in 20 mins is damn tiring alright! Urg! But im damn happy that i managed to
cleared those junk mails after so so so long. I promise to keep my inbox junk-free & will
read those unread mails regularly.

I think im a damn pink freak! Almost all my sites are pink, you name it, i have it. LOL!
My wallpaper, inbox, FF themes, Laptop, Hard-disk, MSN, friendster all are pink. Just
that i will not dye my hair pink. LOL!

Ok, im going for an interview in the afternoon in town, but im going alone. Boring! All my
friends are working. Damn! Going to prepare, shall update when i return.


Been & back from the interview in an agency. Waited quite long before i was interviewed.
I think im damn pathetic can! Its very difficult to get a job currently, & its like so hard
with a damn pathetic pay alright! With me having no other relevant experience cum
qualification, its even harder.

I cant image what will happen to me, how will it turn out to be like. I cant help but keep
on thinking & thinking. Issit a brillant decision to refuse the offer from SNEC, i dunc knw.
Hais, so damn vexed!

Thanks to KaiYing, she made this button for me.


i need some help about some authority problem in blogger.

I have this blog "Anti-agneschan@bs", which are shared among some bloggers. Some of
them are only an author while some are the admin. Recently, we got this problem which
started yesterday. We realized that all our contributors are of an "Author status", thus
making us unable to change the template cause the template navigation was gone. I am
not sure if the problems lies with blogger or us, cause we already called all contributors to
Screen shot down their setting's page, & we found out that all of us are the same, an authors
only. We cant seems to fix it.

Anyone experience the same problem, care to share?