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Friday, October 17, 2008 0 Comments

Im still feeling abit drowsy as the effect of the medicine i took ystd has not warn
off yet. Im having this on & off going headache during work as ystd was the worst
night ever in my past 3 years in the clinic.

Im working for the whole day ystd. Was asked to replace a colleague of mine for
sm reason in the afternoon. Therefore, work started at 1PM all the way to 5.30PM.
Rushed back home for dinner & rushed back at 7PM for the night session. At that
point of time, my eyelid was alrd very heavy after dinner.

The afternoon clinic was alrd a draggy & slow one, who knows, it happened to be
the same in the night too. A new doc & a quite-new staff. Both of them are doing
things in a slow & dilly-dally way which makes me sleepier. I seriously hate people
who do things in such a manner & they hav got no initiative at all. In the end, i got
to do her job as well as mine which makes me real pissed off & v tiring.

Therefore, because of these, i ended up with a headache. I dunc think people should
do things that way. Since Singapore is a fast-pace country, we should adapt & do
things in a fast & accurate way so that you will be able to survive.

I came across this email from Stella, shall share it with all of you. After watching
this video, i only got 3 words to describe it. Happy watching!

"Yucks but Wow"