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Monday, October 06, 2008 0 Comments

The following shall contain my weekends' activities. Sat was a simple day for me.
I spent almost half of the day watching "Fated To Love You". Super duper nice &
touching drama. I think its worth watching it! Met Bf in the late afternoon. Wanted
to go Bugis at first, but ended up in IMM as we didnt patronize it for a long time.

Walked around & settled our dinner in "Bagus". My last visit thr was like almost a
year back, thats super long! Went into the Japanese 2 dollar shop, "Daiso"! I think
its worth the walk as they sell lots of things which is damn cheap & best of all, its all
made in Japan? Brought a box & a nail art sticker.

Bf tends to fall sick easily. Thrfore, the box which i brought was for him. Im creating
a medicine box which will consist of all common medicine used for cough, flu, fever,
rashes & they will be found in all GPs. Hopefully this will help Bf when he fall sick!
Finished with our shopping & went home.

As for Sun, i stayed at home for the whole day. Watched "Fated To Love You" again,
bt didnt managed to finish it as Bf brought me out at 9PM. Bf & his friends cycled
over to my place again for supper & we decided to cycled to Lakeside for "prawning".
Fishing is defined as the act of catching fish, so prawning shalled be defined as the
act of catching prawns! So lame right? But this shall be Wendy's theory! LOL!

This is my first experience in this "prawning" activity, however, i didnt join in the
fun but sit down & watch them enjoying themselves. I think the main purpose of
this activity is to test one's patience. You have to set up a trap & wait for the victim
to show themselves up. If you want to test your patience, you can try either fishing
or prawning.

We caught 8 prawns in 3 hours. This sounds pathetic right? We then BBQ-ed those
prawns to eat upon finishing. Its damn delicious & juicy! Almost all the prawns are
big & fat. Left the place at 3.45PM & went for supper again. Bf cycled me home &
i reach home at abt 5AM. I enjoyed myself alot but was super tired!

Luckily, im not working today, if not i will not have played till so late. Woke up at
1PM & continued to watch "Fated to Love You". Finally, i managed to finish up the
whole series. Super nice ending, must watch! If any of you is interested in watching
this drama, feel free to tag me & i will giv you the direct url of the show.

Went to Bf's place for dinner. I nearly forgot that i was working in the evening. But
Bf cycled me over, super thanks to him! Today shall be my unluckiest day in the
past 3 years. A primary sch kid vomited on the floor while i was working & we had
to clean up the smelly mess. Damn unlucky can! This is the first time i encountered
this thingy for the past 3 years in my clinic. Yucks!

Anyway, we managed to clear the mess & there was no more smell after we clear
the vomitus away. The clinic ended quite early & home we go! Im super tired! Shall
sleep early tonight. Take care & nights to all readers!

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