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Eerie Day

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 0 Comments

Ok, im back. I feel so tired due to lack of sleep for the pass few days. But i can sleep
til late morning tml as im off again. Mon was an eerie day. There was this incident
which i was kinda shocked after a technician told me.

As usual, i walked towards the mortuary on my way to work. I saw a lot of family
members crying away cause one of their dearest pass away. But i increased my
footstep towards eye center. As i entered a lift, thr was this man going in w me,
but i was curious why Dr.Ong & a technician did not make their way into the lift,
bt instead stay put at the entrance of the lift. Thrfore, i pressed the lvl 4's button
& he pressed on lvl 2's button. I rang my friend & she opened the door &
welcomed me into our staff lounge.

During lunch break, the technician approached me & asked me why i went to the
basement which i didnt. She told me that they were curious why the lift went down
to the basement & straight to lvl 4 without stopping at lvl 1. From there, i was
stunned. Did i took the lift with "someone" which i shldnt? Its so scary! Finally, i knw
what is the reason why both of them did not enter the lift with us. Oh damn!

After work, we waited for Stella to end work. The damn fucking clinic ended at
9PM! But we left at 8PM. Imagine the patients waited for 3-4hrs but just to consult
the Dr for a few mins? This is fucking mad! Yes, i admit it was so fustrating that patients
keeps approaching me & keep asking why its so long. We explained but none wanted to
listen. But i pity the patients whom waited so long. The system is fucking wrong luh! They
ought to think of new system to run the clinic. We suffer, so do the patients, then what

Reached the wake at 9PM. Its pretty late! But Reb seems ok, joking & luffing around, but
we dunc knw how she feels on the other side of her. Sat thr for abt an hr, den we chatted.
Left at 10PM.

Stella & I shared a cab home. The cab we hailed was kinda unique. The setting of the cab
was as if we were in a disco accompanied by techno music. Disco, not a club! So cool huh!