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Friday, September 05, 2008 0 Comments

I think SBS hav to increase their frequency of public transport during peak hrs! Im
always caught in crowded bus/train every morning. It will be like long waiting time
for the bus but fully packed when it arrive, thrfore, not much people can board onto
the bus/train.

Today i was quite pissed when i was in the train. I was standing, & when it reached JE,
got myself a seat & sat down. The train was full of passenger after the train door shut.
There was this woman standing right in front of me, & she was kinda plumb, with a big
Guess handbag, holding an umbrella.

At first i crossed my leg, but to ease the tightness of the train, i sat still with my feet flat
on the ground. But i hav no idea why she keeps moving abt. She changed her position
almost every min & keeps bumping into me & the girl beside me . I was pissed cause she
position her umbrella in between my leg & that was so annoying! I keep staring at her yet
nth was done. Thrfore, i crossed my legs & thus causing my feet to bump into her. I think
her legs hav got needles which makes her unable to stand still. I dunc care! She was too
over & i wun be to lenient to let her off just like that.

Luckily, it was not a long journey to my workplace or i wun be able to tolerate this kinda
behavior in the train. Sm people are just too selfish thus ignoring abt the presence of
others around her. This is so inconsiderate! Tsk tsk! I think they shld revise on their
behavior & be more considerate when necessary.

Ok, enough of those inconsiderate people which is so irritating & annoying! Its finally
weekend! I didnt attend class today cause Stella is sick & Cat is busy with her work.
Thrfore, Reb & I intend not to go for lesson partly cause it was boring! Met Bf & went
for dinner. Had Subway & headed home.

Yay, im having a long weekend cause i dunc need to work on Mon. Will be working only
on Tue & Wed nxt wk. Woohoo!

Anyway, is ur desktop/lappy lagging? Try this!

Note: All button request hav been done, you may collect it in my tagboard. Do click on
page 2 or 3 to get them as i hav done 20 over request. Sorry for the delay!

To all readers: Thanks for reading! Enjoy ur weekends & Take care!