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Saturday, August 09, 2008 0 Comments

Im super tired even after a slp, woke up at 10AM & i couldnt cont slping.
I guess im a light sleeper.

All school are having holiday on Mon, why cant i be entitled to this
privilege?! Hais, cant i hav holiday on Mon too?

I guess im going for a haircut soon,
its so messy & my fringe is poking into my eyes.
Ugly little wendy!

Catch a movie with Bf today. I hasnt been watching any movies for
a long, long time!

Movie: Money Not Enough 2
Rating: 4.5/5
Comment: Gd, involving both laughter & sadness. Must watch! It really hav
the "SG" style!

I also money not enough, anyone wants to donate sm to me?! I will be glad to
receive them!

Brought an open toe flat shoe but thr is sm defect. Went for an exchange bt
the color i wan is out of stock, again! So im waiting for the stock transfer!
Damn, for the past few mths, whatever shoe i eyed on is always out of stock!

Im going to slp early & ingest myself with sm drugs today, to make myself
more sleepy! Im a bad girl! Going over to Bf's place tml. Shall sm studying
as well! I need to be more enthu in my studies!

Bye reader!