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Monday, July 28, 2008 0 Comments

This is going to be a short post.

Monday, unlike every other days,
would seems to be busier then usual.
Another busy day tml!

I think this year is a bad yr for dragon babies.
I hav nv fall sick since the past 5yrs,
& recently, i was sick.

Im always complaining of headache, stomachache or discomfort in my eyes etc.
Not an auspicious year can?!
Dragon babies, dunc you think so?

I had stomachache & diarrhoea this morning.
Diarrhoea-ed for 4 times during work bt still continue to work.

I ate half of the waffle, & mummy ate the other half,
but she was fine.
This shows that it has nothing to do with the waffle.

I find no reason that will cause my tummy to be upset.
Probably i ate too much seaweed?!
Haas, the aftermath of greediness!

Anyway, i did feel discomfort in my eyes in the late afternoon.
I felt smth on my eyelash, & thrfore kept rubbing.
& when i looked into the mirror after i get home,
then i realized i had a pimple-like growth on my upper eye lid.
No pain or anything, its just uncomfortable with that small lump thr.

Aww, dunc tell me my eyes is sick again?!

Slept at 12MN ystd, & so will be slping early today.

Take care people!