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Friday, July 11, 2008 0 Comments

Saw this Sushi pic in the Newspaper this moring.
Its just too cute to be eaten!

Utterly exhausted & tired every Fri!
Worked full-time & part-time, 2 jobs!
Had been working since 9AM to 10PM.
Oh-My-God, that was 13hrs!

Luckily Bf came & fetch me home from work every Fri.

Stella texted & informed me that she had received a mail from MDIS,
& her application was successful & was enrolled.
I went to open my mail box after work,
i got then same letter & was successfully enrolled too!
Rebecca also received!
Yay, all our applications are successful!

Yay, im back to school,
back to basic!
Everything will be very different,
cos its a totally new thing that i hav not studied before!
The duration of this Dip course will be 1yr,
& hopefully im able to enter their degree course too!

Im so excited & will be starting class on Aug,
& lessons will be on Wed & Fri.
Real fast uh?!

Im going to work hard, super hard, double hard, very hard!
Although the course is quite taxing,
but im going to get myself rdy for the tough battle.
Going to cope with the stress from work,
as well as the stress from school.
This will be a tough one, but i will try!

Will be putting my very best & not to let chances slip off again!

Weekends are here!
Shopping with Bf tml.


Eeek, blood!

Two days ago,
my thigh was scratched by my nails by accident.
No blood & just alittle inflamed around the scar since that day.

I was on my lappy for a few hrs in the dark now,
cos my sis was slping thrfore i hav to switch off the light.

I accidentally put my hands on my thigh,
& i felt smth wet.

I was quite curious,
& so i walked to the kitchen, switch on the lights.
Blood was oozing out from my wound,
& some on my hands.
Guess one of my vessels broke & cause the bleeding!

Washed & plastered it to stop the blood.

If i did not touch my thigh by accident,
i tink thr will be blood dripping down my thigh!

This wound will leave another ugly scar on my thigh, damn!