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Sunday, July 06, 2008 0 Comments

* Make your request here now!

My throat is itchy & i feel like ripping them off!
My nose were runny & i wish they could run off!
These made me coughing away like there is no tomorrow.
* I sounds like Happy Tree Friend

sick . ill . unwell . ailing

I drank half a bottle of cough syrup,
cos i just pour em into my throat cos its too itchy!
I hope these do help!

Im not sure if i can manage to wake up tml due to those drowsy medi.
Im feeling lethargic & is trembling now.
May not be going to work tml as im feeling sick!

I stayed at hm for e whole day cos im not feeling well,
thrfore, nth much to update.

Meeting Bf for dinner near my hse.

I went bloghopped, read this blog @irritatingblogger.bs!

Tell me if he is irritating not!

Happy Youth Day!

Its youth day tml,
didnt knw till smmore mentioned to me.

Sad, i dunc get to celebrate Youth Day for a pretty long time!
I want holi too!

Im getting further & further apart frm those old school days!


Lights out, & off to slp!

o7.o7.o8, MONDAY:

Im lazy to make a new post,
thrfore im continuing wad i wrote ystd night.

I was absent for work today.
The drowsy medicine is still taking its effect,
making me drowsy & giving me headache.

Did not manage to wake myself up,
& the best part is, my cough & flu are still invading me!

Phlegm were thick & greenish!

Im sorry for not helping with the busy day at work,
& i knw the patients are overwhelming!

Thanks & Sorry Reb for taking over my assisting job.
Thanks to Jas for helping me to ring up my patients for tml's schedule!
Special Thanks!

Dear flu & cough, pls get the hell out of me!