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Monday, June 16, 2008 0 Comments

I woke up feeling tat im lack of slp.

I was constipated for e whole day,
& was trying hard in the toilet.
Despite i ate alot ystd, i could not let my bowels free.

Opening of bowels is a daily norm for me,
bt they just cant escape ystd!
The feeling was v awful can!

Inspiration tgt with the "feel" was thr,
bt it just stay put inside my tummy despite how hard i try.
I had a bloated tummy filled w shit until today.

Force myself to drink 2 bottles of Sunkiss orange juice this afternoon.
With the help of the dietary fibre contents in e orange,
my shit managed to escape this evening.
Was kinda relieved cos i felt so stress w the urge,
bt was helpless in the toilet for the whole day.
Thanks Mr orange!

I knw this entry is kinda disguisting,
bt all humans hav to shit,

Clinic was alritey.
Went threading w Cheryl after work in Little India.
I was quite satisfy with e results.

Headed hm after.

Im feeling damn tired today,
nid an early slp!

Yawn, Night readers!