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Saturday, June 14, 2008 0 Comments

Candid shot.

Messy wendy!

Swelling at the center, accompanied w bloody wound on Bf's leg.

Was on my way to Bf's hse,
& he was supposed to fetch me from the bus-stop.
But when i was in e bus,
Bf called me & told me he slipped & fell from his 2nd floor to his 1st floor.

I was told that his leg went numb without any feeling,
swell, w much pain & blood was seen.
Make my way to his hse asap.

When i reach his gate,
he was sitting down in his living room,
& was limping to open the gate for me.

I examined the wound,
did sm evalution, luckily it was not a sprain.
Lucky him!

Put some oilment & rub the wound cos blue-black was seen,
& he was screaming away as if he got raped.

Anyway, was relieved he was alright.


Im kinda bored right now.
Will be going to Suntec's IT fair tml w Bf & his gang of friends.

Latest banner i hav made, Nice?!