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Friday, May 30, 2008 0 Comments

Oh yea!
Weekends are here!

Time really flies,
& its fast, jus like e speed of a lightning!
Did not update for 4 days!
* too lazy to update

Today i happened to bump into tis "guy" aft work.
He is a man, but i could tell tat he has more female hormones then male hormones.
In other words, he is a transvestite without 2 breast?

He was seated, cross-legged,
& he wore a female's flip-flop.
He got long hair & was bun-ed up.
& he walks just like a girl.

I wonder how he will react if a person criticise him?

Its just so Oh-My-God!

I shall stop here.
Update if i hav time tml.

Going shopping tml.