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SGD$560 GONE?!

Saturday, May 17, 2008 0 Comments


I fall in love w cheese crackers!


Finally thr is a long weekend,
nid rest desperately!

Half day work ystd as i claim my time off,
went to TTSH alone.
My purpose thr is jus to visit e pharmarcy to get a few pairs of support stocking.

& when i ask e pharmacist thr,
i was told tat it was out of stock.
& i told her "Wad?! I come all the way from SGH, & its out of stock?! Damn unlucky can!"

But e pharmacist is v nice & helpful,
she search high & low jus to ensure tat thr is reali no more stock.
But luckily heaven's by my side.
She managed to find the last 2 pairs.
& forunately, it was not a wasted trip thr.

Manage to get 5% off, & i pay a total of SGD$135 jus for tat 2 pair of stocking.

Set off to JP.
Wanted to get myself a new mobile phone cos my sis is selfish!
*a long story
Saw a pink SE W580i,
bt in e end, i chose SE K810i.

Although its an old model,
bt i brought it cos i like e 3.2MP cam.

It cost me another SGD$425!
Bt its jus a temp phone for me.
Thrfore im not choosy if its an old model.

Cos im getting myself a PDA phone nxt yr aft my contract is up.

& this is how my SGD$560 flew~