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Tuesday, May 06, 2008 0 Comments

Finally, i get to update!
Wanted to update ystd,
bt blogger was super laggy,
thrfore, i gave up waiting.

I din update for quite smtime.
Gonna make my post super short.
Im lazy to blog!

o3.o5.o8, SATURDAY:
Stayed at hm for e whole day.
Was damn boring, & i slept til 4.30PM.
nth to blog abt for tat day.

o4.o5.o8, SUNDAY:
Went out for dinner w baby.
Dinner, Proceed to baby's hse, HOME.

o5.o5.o8, MONDAY: Monday blues.

o6.o5.o8, TUESDAY: Assist Dr Bobby in e morning.
He had 50 over patients today!
Super busy, duper tired!

Was on my way hm,
& i witness an incident which surprised me.

Took a train hm, no seats as usual.

Thr was a woman, wearing office wear, reading a newspaper.
& when e train stops at JE,
she threw her newspaper on her seat & walked out of e train.
I was so shocked by her act.

Couldnt she jus take it w her,
& throw it in e rubbish bin when she tap out?

Dunc quite understand why she did that.

Im gonna stop here.
Off to rest.