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Thursday, May 01, 2008 0 Comments

My strawberry massager from bf.

Me & sis's pink ez-link card.

Labour day is supposed to let labourers to hav a rest,
bt it seems tat i din even hav a rest.

I greatly tink tat if it falls on Fri,
den we will be getting ample of rest cos its 3 straight off days.

Anyway, went Causeway-Point aft i ended my work.

Walked ard,
& baby brought me a strawberry massager.
Its damn cute, & i loved it!
Thanks baby*

Had an early dinner in a coffee-shop near baby's place,
& went over to his hse.

Watched e 7PM channel 8 show.
damn nice!

Brought instant microwave pop-corn.
Microwaved it & ate while watching e show.

Went off aft the show ended.

Sis brought me a pink hello kitty ez-link card sticker.
I loved it too!
Way too beautiful!

Im v tired, Off i go!
Gotta work tml.