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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 0 Comments

14.o4.o8, Monday: Was a hectic day for the clinic again.
Ended work & rushed over to W.Koo clinic.
Many viruses/bacteria tends to attack humans on Monday?!
Mondays will always be busy, & there were 42 patients that very night.
& e best thing was, the doc was new & super slow.
Closed shop at 10.30PM.

15.o4.o8, Tuesday: Was assigned to assist Dr.BobbyCheng this morning.
There was a big crowd, & he had about 50 patients jus for the morning.
I was alone, helpless, but fortunately, everything went smoothly.
Clinic ended at 1.30PM, & i had a late lunch today.
Super tiring legs but thanks to my support stocking, it was great!
Dialation in the afternoon.

Ended my work at 5PM, changed,
Me, Ahmin & Angel waited for Cheryl to end work at 5.30PM.
Proceeded to Town, had "Ayam Penyat" again.
We lost our way in Lucky Plaza.
We missed the shop, & was searching high & low for it.
But after some searching, we finally found e shop.
Me, Angel & Ahmin got the chicky set,
but Cheryl goes for e fishy set.
Was really delicious, spicy & addictive!

Walked ard, brought 2 tops for baby,
& Cheryl went to the money changer to buy aussie money.
Proceeded to FarEastPlaza & went into a tattoo shop,
Angel wants to get her belly pierced.
It was done within 5 mins, pretty fast!

YAY, mine & Ahmin's baby (belly piercing) was alrd 2yrs old.
Angel: Babe, take gd care of ur baby (belly piercing) for e nxt 6mths! :D

Back home, & today was a tiring day indeed!