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Saturday, March 29, 2008 0 Comments

1/4 of bf, a whole of me

the lovables!

do we look alike?

candid shot by bf.

our popeye's feast.

. . .

i had a great day today!

woke up earlier den usual for steamboat at hm.
bf & sis's bf came over for lunch.
tomyam steamboat was reali great!

rested awhile & me + bf/sis + bf set off to town.
FarEastPlaza, Taka den PS.
anyway, none attracts my attention,
thrfore i came hm empty-handed.

headed to ChangiAirport,
had popeye for dinner.
wonderful meal!

was pretty tired!
time to make salsa either tonight or tml morning.

will be going over to baby's hse to help him w his project tml.

. . .

the pink name stamp tat i ordered few days back, finally it arrived by post.

the salsa i made tis morning. YUMMY!