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Sunday, April 06, 2008 0 Comments


Dear & me set off to Suntec at 12PM.
I wanted to visit e siminar by CATS at Suntec.
Bt when i reached my destination,
I was kinda disappointed,
Its not wad im looking for,
Thrfore we took a train to Queenstown.

Baby wanted to go Queensway-ShoppingCenter to get his shoe,
So we shopped ard,
I got a pair of NF's Gray skinny, a White Nike bottle
& 6pairs of contact lens for my 6mths usuage.

Had dinner & went back to baby's hse.
Watched "MeanGirls".
I noe i watched it rather late as its showed a yr bek in e theatre.
& I'll rate it 5/5.

Reached home at 10PM.

6th-Apr, SUNDAY

Shopping session w LiWen.
First, I met her in JE & we took train to Bugis.
We were chit-chatting happily away,
& I realised tat we missed our stop.
The next moment, We're at Kallang.
Thrfore, we reverse back to Bugis,
So hillarious yet stupid of us!

Shopped ard,
I brought 2 tops & a pair of black shoe for work.

Proceeding to Orchard,
We went to Gucci at Paragon.
A Gucci purse caught my attention,
& so I brought it.

Went to Taka & visited Guess.
& Wisma for a walk.
& went back hm rather early today.

Met dear at 7PM,
accompany him to hav dinner & went home.

Money is hard to earn,
But easy to go!
I spend ard 500+ for two consecutive day!
& thr, Gd Bye to my 500bucks~