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Singaporean - Kiasu, Kiasi, Kiabo ?!

Monday, April 07, 2008 0 Comments

I had a tiring long day today!

Was assisting e doc for e whole day,
& it makes my leg so aching.

Was wearing a new pair of shoe today,
& it gives me blisters all over,
2 on my left feet, 2 on my right feet, & 1 on my hips.

The one on my hips is due to e pants i wore ystd.

Our Logo (Singaporean): Kiasu, Kiasi, Kiabo

As far as i hav seen in SG,
everything seems true.

& Singaporean tends to be e No.1 Complain King/Queen.

I hav seen all these when im working!
Its damn irritating everytime!

Wad to do?!
Singapore is a fast pace country.
Everyone walks & acts v quickly.

Could we jus hav a change?