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Sunday, April 27, 2008 0 Comments

My current love - MY PINK LAPPY

I hav been missing in action for e pass 7day,
& now, im back in action!

This week was real busy.
Everyday when i reached hm,
i will be super exhausted, sloppy &sleepy.

Oh-Yes, i always looks forward to my weekends.
But none e less, nxt week wil be tiring for me too!

Din do anything much tis wk.

Im looking forward to e PH which falls on 1st-May-2oo8.

The coach purse which i ordered last wk came.
Brought & gave it to sis.
special thanks to Cheryl*

Jasmine went Bangkok today.
Bon-voyage dear!

Vivo-ing today.

SNEC was having Call-Tree today.
It means that we had a trial emergency drill,
which they used phonecalls to communicate to everyone when everyone is having off days.
Din pick up my first call & Sister Chin rang up my hse.
Kinda sdupit.

Anyway.. ..

Brought my Luxury Pink T8100 Vaio Laptop today.
Its way too tempting!
Cost me about 2k+ w 5yrs warranty.
Got a mouse, & a DVD-R for my backup too.

Will be hunting for Pink External Hard Disk from now on.

A pity that my mouse is not pink,
cos e model which i brought din comes in pink,
therefore, brought a white one.
& i got e same mouse as baby!

& now im burnt & broke.
Brought Insurance cum Saving Plans last wed,
& it cost me another 2K+.

Oh-Dear, Wendy is broke!