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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 0 Comments

27th-April-2oo8, SUNDAY: Pool-visiting on Sun. I absolutely love e sun & e pool!
Although my intention was not to swim,
bt to emerge myself in e pool only.

It was a sunny day,
& of cos i did get myself tanned.
But results were not so gd as im diff to get the color right.

& my weekend jus ended.

28th-April-2oo8, Monday: Well, everyone sure hav "Monday Blues" when sun ends.
Im part of e "everyone" too!
Dragged myself off bed & prep for work.
I was assigned into e laser center for e whole day.

I hated being assigned to e laser center initially,
bt im kinda used to e environment & such,
thrfore, its still not tat bad!

Ended work, & as usual,
headed to e clinic.

Monday is always a tiring day!

29th-April-2oo8, Tuesday: I always hav a heavy clinic on mon. Assisted Dr.Bobby.
His clinic was heavy, as usual.
& thr will always be complains of long waiting hrs.
& for today, it happened again.
Complains will nv ends, or rather, it happens almost everyday!

Hated it, but it cant be helped.

Cheryl was on MC for 2 days.
I took over her clinic in e noon, Assisted Dr.Ian.
WAH, bubbly tired!

OT, again!
Ended work at 5.40PM.

met baby at JP.

Caught a movie.

Title: The Forbidden Kingdom
Rating: 5/5

"Hilarious & full of fights, Not bad, highly recommended!"

Im too tired today!
Im awaiting for e coming of Thursday!