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Monday, May 12, 2008 0 Comments

Pink poker card.

Pink mini mahjong set.

A birthday present of sis from her lover?



Mother's Day falls on Sun this yr,
thrfore we celebrated it on e actual day itself.

Mummy is someone special in everyone's heart.
You can say "I hate/dislike my mummy",
bt at the end of the day she will be smone u will appreciate & loves.
Cos she is the one, willing to give in everything to her child/children.
She cooks, mops, do the laundry, wash the toilet, goes marketing & every other small little things.
& I can say is she is named as the "All-In-One".

I guess nobody in the world are willing to sacrifices except mothers.
Image how much she has to suffer when she gives birth to you,
how much pain she got to endure & the money that she invest into you.

Everytime she nags, i will be tell her "Stop ur nagging, I knw, ure v noisy!"
But deep down, i still loves her despite how irritated im!

Went out for dinner w BF & family.
Ate in TamanJurong, & e waiting hrs was kinda long.
We waited for nearly an hr before the fd was being served.
I guess its bcos many ppl are celebrating Mother's Day?

Dinner was my treat.
Sis&BF, Me&BF shared some money to buy smth for daddy.
His present was a pair of knee guards which cost 70bucks.

Was kinda expensive, bt he really likes the present!
As for sis (CHINGYEE), gave her an ang pao.

& Sorry for updating late.

Anyway, wish all the noble mummy, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

As for today, Monday blues again!
Laser for AM, EV for PM.
Work - Part-time.

Im pretty tired today,
& im having a heavy clinic tml.

Tue is always heavy, busy & hectic.
& thr will always be patient complaining abt the waiting hr.
So sad!