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Thursday, May 15, 2008 0 Comments

My fluffy pink shimmer wand was an absolute love~


Its fri tml, FINALLY~
Im looking forward to the weekends & PH.

I long for a gd rest,
& a nice slp.

I hav been having insomnia everyday for a week.
& whenever i falls aslp,
i will get plenty of dreams.

Im night-dreaming too much in my slp?
& tat makes me deprive of slp.
Cos when ones drm, they are not slping at all!

No wonder how much i slp,
i will stil feel tired the nxt day.

Tml im claiming & clearing my OT hrs.
thrfore, will be half day off.

Finished work today & met up w Angel.
Went for frog leg porridge w the girls in Chinatown.

Was v tasty & spicy.
& we ate a total of SGD$75 for 4pax.
I was full to the brim.

Cheryl wanted to buy get smth,
thrfore i tag along.
& i brought a pink shimmer wand.

Its so cute & pretty!
& when u hit the wand lightly,
thr will be shimmers.
You can use it from head to toe.

& the shopkeeper told me that the wand could be used for at least 2yrs.
Way too cool!