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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 0 Comments

Jasmine playing join-the-mole game on my hand.

My day turns out to be alrighty,
except im a little tired due to lacking of slp frm designing a new site, Singaporean-Bloggers-Directory.
Pls support!

Work load was stil acceptable for me.

Was on my journey hm when i saw this lady in her late 20s/early 30s,
vulgarities was ranting out from her, cursing & swearing at a virtual person.

To my immediate reponse, i guess she was suffering frm sm mental disorder.
& for all travellers, their first reaction was to shunt as far as possible frm her.
Eyes were hooked onto her, & groups whispering abt her
*I guess?

To me, she may be violent from her mouth, bt she seems harmless in aa way or another.

This is not my first experiencing w such incident.

Working in IMH (Institute Of Mental Health) opened me up to the "inside" world.
Seeing wad i may not be able to see in most shopping center/areas.

Let me expose sm of their lifestyle in the "inside" world.

Its not a place for humans seriously.
The bunk was v dirty & smelly,
& everywhr was locked w metal railing.
& the way food was served to are like serving food to e prisoners.

They may be mad,
but i hav seen the gd site of em.
& mingling w em was pretty fun & easy.

They are just like a friend to me!

Mental patients can be violent,
bt they will be absolutely normal after taking their medications.

Ok, enough of talking!
Im pretty tired, slping early today!