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Tuesday, June 10, 2008 0 Comments

7th-Jun-o8, SATURYDAY: Gucci sales started smwhr last wk.
Went down to town on saturday w Bf.
Walked ard in Paragon & Taka.
Went into Gucci's boutique to take a look,
bt nth seems to catch my attention.

Walk & walk & walk,
bt brought nth for e day.

Done nth, & my weekends are gone!

I hate Monday!

Why do ppl hav to get sick on Monday?
As usual, all Mondays are hectic & busy.
Patients always complain abt e waiting hrs.
Nurses trying to explain,
but those explaination just cant get into their brain.

Assisted Dr.DoricWong,
who got nearly 50 patients for e morning,
bt luckily, everything went smoothly,
& we ended early.

Im sick of these complains!

Tuesdays, which was today,
Was rather hectic too.
Due to the long list for Dr.BobbyCheng,
Complains, complains, & all complains came in.

I dunc understand either,
& patients just keeps scolding me,
cos again, complaining abt e long waiting hrs & appointment time,
which i hav no idea cos im not dealing with the appointment line.

Nurses are not for patients to scold!
They are doing their part to assist the doctor.
Nurses are just so innocent,
but yet being scolded by patients all the time!

This is so damn unfair!

In Taiwan,
Nurses are always protected by law.
Once patients scold or verbalise rude comments,
they can be sued by the hospital,
& a fine will be implimented.

Why cant Singapore do that to protect nurses too?!
We are humans too!

No wonder Singapore is lacking of nurses all the time!