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Friday, June 20, 2008 0 Comments

Went blog-hoping,
& i found this blogshop that sells japanese & korea lens.

It comes colors of all variety & patterns.
Its so tempting.

Price is cheap yet nice.
But i dunc knw if it will be comfortable in e eyes not.

Big big dolly eyes!

Colors: Grey, brown, black

Teary eyes

Aint these cool?!

Fancy lens.

You can hav ur loves one in ur eye, Cool huh?!
Aint these cool?!

Ordered a pair to try,
brought nude grey color.
These are permanent lenses,
which means they are not disposable bt can last for 6-12mths.
Dunc knw if it wil turn out nice not.
Hopefully it is!

Love at first sight.

Jen (twin sis) went for an op today.
She went under the knives w LA to take out her wisdom tooth.

& to my surprise,
6 tooth was extracted, & its damn disguisting!

Speedy recovery babe!

Had a long & aching day.
Was in for replacement as chung was on MC,
assisted in Dr.EdmundWong's clinic w Christina.
1 word to describe - Hectic

Opened 2 rooms,
one of which had 3 doctors inside.
Damn cramp!
Luckily, everything went smoothly.

Going shopping w Bf tml.