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Saturday, June 21, 2008 0 Comments

Normally i wun read emails,
bt im just too bored this morning.
Thrfore read most of my mails in my alternative email.

I hav a total of 9000 unread mails in my current email.
Its piling up everyday!
& im just too lazy to delete or read them.
That explains why it ended up having so much unread mails in my inbox!

Read smth interesting!

Images will explains everything.

Diamond teeth for my pet horse.

Drinking cups made of diamond.

Toilet rolls made of authentic notes.

Expensive perfume filled up in my swimming pool to make me smell nice.

Car plated with gold w professional car-washer to wash.

Diamond edged laptop with plated gold.

How i hope im that rich!
*Wendy is day-dreaming

Ok, will update more when im back from my shopping!


Was speaking abt shopping in my last post,
bt Bf & i decided to postpone our shopping.
Will be going for shopping tml.

Reason is because we decided to visit the zoo in the v last min.
Uncle (Bf's dad) got a membership card to enter the zoo for free.
Thrfore, made our way thr.

Reached the zoo abt 2PM.

It was more den a decade since i step into the zoo.
My last visit was probably 10yrs ago?!
Vivids memories of the zoo wasnt in my mind,
so today im going to refresh my memory.

I dunc look forward to it at first,
cos i hate the hot weather that makes me sweat,
& the jungle-like trails in the zoo.
I can say i hate the nature,
in other words, im not a sporty girl.

But overall, it turns out quite fun!
I was abit scare throughout the whole visit
cos im afraid of animals dashing towards me.

Snap lotsa pictures,
bt im not going to publish all of em cos sm were too small to be spotted.

Dino escaping!

Saw the White Tiger mating

Human + Jumbos~

Flintstone show for those kiddos.

Went into Lot 1 after our visit.
Walked for awhile to cool ourself down due to e hot weather.

Went back to JP.
Dined into Crystal Jade for dinner,
& headed home.

End of our day.