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Sunday, June 22, 2008 0 Comments

Ystd i brought "pore pack" frm Missha.
& guess wad?!

Only found out today tat i brought e wrng ting ystd.
Wanted to buy pore pack, bt mistaken it & brought their Acne patch.
Both hav e same packing,
& i was just too careless as i din read carefully wad was written on the packing.
How blur & careless am i?!

Im wasting my money.

As i wrote, went shopping today.
Prep myself & get rdy to go out.

As i was putting on my contact lens,
i realise tat my eyes were brown.
Not dark brown, bt alittle darker then e usual brown eyes.

i did not realise it for e past 20 yrs?!
Oh-God, how can i?

Went to town area.
Im seriously sick & tired of places in Singapore.
Its just too limited!

FarEastPlaza first, followed by Taka.

Brought 2 pieces of top.
& in just 20 min, i spent 60bucks!

Walked ard,
wanted to find a pair of heels,
bt nth caught my eyes.

Went to walk ard in Taka.
Que-d & entered LV's boutique.

Was v tempted to buy,
bt stop myself from buying or else my SGD1K++ will fly.

Thrfore, im targeting it nxt mth.

Brought a pair of flip-flops from M)phosis.
Wanted to get a pink one, but its out of stock,
thrfore, replace it w a blue one.

Left Town & headed for dinner.
Went over to Bf's place awhile & headed hm.

My weekends are over!
More weekends & rest day pls?!