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Tuesday, July 08, 2008 0 Comments

Anyone read the blog, irritatingblogger, tat i intro in my previous post?
How was it?
Dunc u think he is so damn irritating can!
People who had not read abt it, try it!
Come & giv me some comments!

Im back to work for good!

Im still down w flu & cough.
My flu is abit special this time!
No runny nose, but i still hav the blocked-nose-voice.

This is utterly strange!

My cough still attacking me!
It doesnt act on me in the morning or evening,
but at night only!

My tonsil starts to get itchy at night,
& i got no choice but to drink cough syrup again!

Im becoming a drug addict!
Drinking half a bottle on Saturday,
half a bottle on Sunday,
20 mls on Monday,
& 20mls today!

Im getting tons of cough syrup in my stomach!
& it doesnt work at all!

Best part is, it cause drowsiness,
bt when i took any medicine tat cause drowsiness,
i will act the other way,
having insomnia at the end of they day instead of being drowsy!

I keep on abusing them, i guess it dunc react on me anymore!

I need a stronger cough syrup!!

Ok, rest time!

Take care readers,
lotsa ppl getting sick as day goes!