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Wednesday, July 02, 2008 0 Comments

30th-June: Assisted, clinic was hectic as usual.
Didnt went for any lunch break throughout cos i wanted to claim time.
Was going to Jurong Medical Center to hav my teeth checked.
Cos its giving my uncomfortable pain as & when.
Took 8tabs of anti-biotic capsules an hr before the visit due to my heart prob.
& i swear that i hate pills!

After the dentist gave me a thorough check,
he said my teeth are fine.
The pain was due to the filling of the tooth,
which was near m nerve,
thrfore its sensitive smtimes.

Aww, waste my time!
Was alrd thr, thrfore he did scaling & polishing for me.

Met Bf after & went for dinner,
& proceeded hm.

1st-July: Nth much happened :)

2nd-July: Was going thru sm links on my nuffnang trackers,
& i found rippers!

They edited my template frm my terms & conditions form!

#1Link: HERE

#2Link: HERE

#3Link: HERE

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