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Saturday, July 05, 2008 0 Comments


down w flu for the 3rd day,
came down w fever ystd,
bt no more fever for now!

However, i still work for e whole day ystd.

I still got a dinner to attend ltr,
will update either at night or tml.


Me & Bf

Me & Sis

Chub chub Wendy~
Oh dear, I think i hav grown fatter!

Congrats to Angel & Jonathan!
( Sis's-Bf's-Sis)

My family was invited to their wedding.
Despite im sick, but i did attend.

Got rdy & Bf came over to my hse.
Daddy drove us to "Singapore Kelsea Club",
its an indian club.
This was my first expierence to an Indian wedding.

But the club setting wasnt that indian looking,
bt North Indian food was served in buffet style.

Im not used to eating indian food,
& frankly-speaking, i tink e dishes looks disgusting to me.
Bf & I didnt dare to try all the food,
We took dishes like chicken, nasi brayani, roti prata, fried spring rolls & famosa.

Their curry comes in many different colors like white, yellow, brown.
& it seriously turns me off.
Mayb im not used to eating those stuff as i did not seen them before.
* No offence

how the dishes taste wasnt impt.
Hope the newly weds will last til eternity!