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Wednesday, July 09, 2008 0 Comments

I bet all bloggers hate rippers/copycats right?!

Some bloggers are just too good at ripping & copying stuff quietly,
but they themselves will make a big fuss when others copy or rip their stuff.

Bloggers state that they hate rippers & copycats yet they themselves are rippers & copycats.
Bloggers rip & act like you never,
but when other blogger ripped your item,
you will go around barking like a mad dog.

What you hate shldnt be what you are doing!
Aint this called "pot calling the kettle black",
& "slapping their own face with their own hands".

This is just so not correct!

EG: One fine day, this blogger rip your stuff & you found out, your first reaction is to either ask that person to take it down, or to credit you right?
The designer will be flaring like a red dragon with flames escaping from your nose & will be cursing & swearing at the ripper. The reason is that what they rip comes from a designer , & these are the designer's ideas & hardwork which should be paid off, but yet it was ripped.

Image now IF,
1) You are the designer
2) You are the ripper

If I was the designer, I will be flaring at the very moment when i saw my design being ripped.
Will be cursing & swearing & request the ripper either to take off or credit me immediately.

If I was the ripper, I will be reluctant. Cos i got what i want! I can twist & turn the facts just like what others do.


i realized that many people are using my strawberry hover effect,
pls credit if you do use!

My advice is: What comes around, goes around!